Our Technologies exist in every industry and business scene in the world.
Business sites
where our technologies are utilized.

Our DNA/Philosophy

We have given birth to our company with communication technology.

We rack our brains to make communication networks nationwide, faster, safer and more comfortable.

We play a role of infrastructure in major communication carriers company in Japan.
We face off as a group of engineers of transmission devices.

We have been polishing up our technology and evolving it with epoch to provide convenient and comfortable communication infrastructure to the world.

Our fundamental mind is to keep being an expert group to provide a value of technology to the world. It is based on our fundamental mind.

Technical Field: ECU, Smart Key, Panel of air-conditioner

Our Identity

Our technology exists everywhere in the world.

The industries where our technology is being used, such as automobiles, aerospace, broadcasting communication, industrial machinery etc., are expanding in this world.

In this world, the area of technology in which we specialize is spreading larger and larger.

Electronic circuits which control all machines have been evolved into a world of software and then become the brains of all equipments. And it has expanded to comprehensive system integration that builds a large-scale system using all of the technologies in our hands.

We try to do anything we can with technology.

This is our identity.

Technical Field: Various control devices related to aerospace industry.

Our Vision

The Dream "We want to make impossible possible with our technology." is living in our hearts.

We do not think that we have to stick to a specific industry or technical field.

Just as engineers, we would like to find a job that makes us tell our dream.

To expand our own business range(based on communication technology) to various industries is an expression of the desire in which "we meet new technology and want to challenge in a new world with it."

Now, Hardware, Software and System Integration are in our world. But. New Field where nobody has ever challenged will be spreading.

We have been going beyond our technology
and keep to be a professional group for challenging in a new field

Technical Field: Various medical equipments, Measuring instruments for eyesight, Electrocardiogram system

Our own developing products
which contributing to our society though manufacturing & creativity

We will be involved in creating new products.

Today, we are working on creating new technologies with various research institutions.

Innovation is generated in every technology world and the world has been evolved at a tremendous speed

IoT, all things connect Internet, is also contained in the new Technology.

Utilizing our core technology, we will enhance technical ability level during engaging in manufacturing new things.

Such challenge starts now.

Sport Facilities Sport Facilities
Technical Field: Scoreboard system in baseball field, Guide system in highway express bus, Stadium lighting bulletin board. LED lighting equipments and Full-color LED guide system