BUSINESS FIELDSService Portfolio

We utilize both hardware and software technologies to provide one-stop solutions.

Our special technologyDesign-development
in both hardware & software.

Hardware Area

Electronic circuit design
Electronic circuit design
/FPGA design

We play a key role in advanced technology development in various industries from broadcasting and communication field to Automobile, FA and Aerospace industries.

Design Technology
Digital/Analog Circuit, A/D Conversion, D/A Conversion, CPU Peripheral Circuits(ARM, H8, SH, 78K, etc.) High-speed Signal Processing, DSP, Network Interface, Optical Transmission, Wireless, High-end FPGA(XILINX 3rd. Party Member Certification), each Communication Standard(CAN, USB, LAN, RS-232C/485,etc.)
Development Environment
ALTERA development environment、Xilinx development environment、Actel development environment、Lattice development environment、Active-HDL(PE、VHDL)、ModelSim(DE、VHDL/Verilog)、MATLAB/Simulink
Substrate/Mechanical Design
Substrate/Mechanical Design

"To make it more compact, To make quality higher and To make it robust under any usage environment", we will respond with reliable technology to the sophisticated & complicated demand on the current of times.

Designing Technology

◎Structural design(chassis designing technology under global standards, high-speed signal transmission technology, 3-dimensional CAD design confirmation, resistant environment design technology: earthquake resistance, drip-proof, heat resistant design etc.)

◎Simulation(structural analysis technology of chassis, thermal analysis technology of chassis and substrate, waveform/noise analysis technology at circuit designing stage)

◎Evaluation(EMC evaluation technology: consulting of VCCI-CISPR etc. Environmental resistance evaluation technology: vibration test, various gas test etc., reliability testing technology: temperature and humidity cycle test etc.)

◎Printed wiring board design(advanced/high density/multilayer board wiring technology: impedance control technology, waveform/noise analysis technology at wiring placement and design stage.

Development environment

Software Range

Firmware Design
Firmware Design

We provide state-of-the-art solutions that are excellent in reliability and serviceability.

Design Technology
LAN communication, synchronous/asynchronous serial communication, compression, encryption, LCD, GUI, middleware porting,, PHS card I/F, PCMCIA card I/F
Development Environment


◎Reial Time OS(μITRON etc.※ Make it possible to create a system without RTOS, depending on various applications.)

◎Development Language(C, C++,, C#, Assembler)

Application Development
Application Development

We will develop Windows/Android/WEB applications and Database applications which has been utilized in various business scenes.

Examples in Development
A production management system, A reservation management system, A membership registration system, An order system, A sales management system, A purchase slip delivery system, An indication-information management system, A customer relationship management system(CRM), Traffic monitoring, A mobile spot information gathering system, Server monitoring system etc.

System Integration Range

Business System Development
Business System Development

We will take customer's issues sincerely and make a full support to them by planning, designing & developing system connected directly with their problems and help them with implement, operation and maintenance of system.

Examples In Development

◎920 MHz multitop wireless system(sewer pump monitoring, sediment disaster monitoring, photovoltaic power monitoring,, environmental management of house agriculture, humidity management of hospitals/warehouse)

◎Auction System(Flower market, seaweed market, mushroom market, meat market)

◎Sports field(scoreboard system: Baseball, Athletics, Swimming etc. Score display system: Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton etc.)

◎Various display fields(multipurpose display, signposting display, LED outdoor lighting etc.)

◎Call center system(CTI, CRM, phone recording, audio guidance, FAX, GW etc.

CTStage Partner

ServiceMeet customer's needs with combination of both hardware & software technologies

Contract for development

We propose optimum design and development from the technical viewpoint of both hardware and soft ware on customer's required specifications.
It is our major feature that we can offer one-stop services from designing to prototype production promptly & reasonably.
All you have to do is to decide the product specifications. Other things by the prototype-completion are done by us.
※We can answer to various product designs/manufacturing(prototype/mass production).
In addition, we can also correspond to individual design for circuits,, LSI, farm, software etc.


Proposal Type Solution by taking advantage of technology

We mobilize the state-of-the-art technology in hard/software system integration cultivated in various industries and comprehensively construct a system which helps customer's challenges.
From the construction of a large-scale system to the development of a stand-alone business application, we offer appropriate solutions backed-up by technical capability in every task.

Proposal Type Solution by taking advantage of technology

Our developing products

As a engineer group possessing special technology in multiple fields, we are developing cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the future of our society.
Our primitive idea comes from a pure feeling of a technical expert, like "if there is such technology, it will make our world more beautiful".
We materialize our dreams such as "we wish there would be such a thing at every place in the world" and launch it to our society.

Our developing products